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Cantina Crowd EXCLUSIVE!
"Good Bar Attender"
"Good Bar Attender"
1. Caddy in the Campground
2. Good Bar Attender
3. Last Ones to Leave
4. I Reckon
5. Acres of Sunshine
6. Almost Just in Time
7. Hard Way to Go
8. Daddy's Gloves
9. High and Lonesome
10. My Woman is Wine
*Bonus Track
11. 100% Chance of Pain
Cantina Crowd you are THE FIRST to hear!
"Good Bar Attender"
Jeff's debut full length album!
Featuring radio hits "Good Bar Attender", "Caddy in the Campground", "I Reckon" and "Last Ones to Leave"
Bonus Track Included ...The rockin' song "100% Chance of Pain"
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